Conceptual integration


   A conceptual integration and conceptual confusion is seen as epistemology, according to which elements of different areas are mixed, resulting in confusion of mental spaces in the subconscious of man. This theory, proposed by Gilles Fokone (Gilles Fauconnier) and Mark Turner (Mark Turner 1993, 1998), has provided new opportunities for research for the following theories: the theory of metaphor, analogy theory, conceptual combination, grammatikalizatsii, the theory of solutions of abstract problems, and many others.

   Most of the work, one way or another, affect the subject of conceptual confusion, which is closely connected with the theory of metaphor, which, in particular, developing Fokone J. and M. Turner. The modern theory of metaphor, represented in American linguistics J. Lakoffom (Lacoff 1980, 1991, 1992), based on a cognitive approach to the study of metaphor. The metaphor seems a fact of thinking kontseptualiziruyuschim picture of our world, rather than a purely linguistic phenomenon. As you know, the traditional model of metaphor is a two-room structure in which the first space has a metaphorical description of a "source" (source), and the second - the metaphor is reflected (target). This model has been widely distributed and has been the basis for various theories, which were engaged in the development of such scholars as A. Richards, M. Black, A. Kestler, Lakoff and Johnson. Insufficient two-room model was that the prisoners in the two spaces are not always given the opportunity to design and interpretation of metaphors based on real knowledge of the world. In this regard, with the integration of neighboring addresses metaphors that are used as connectors between spaces. As a result, identify a new conceptual space, which is derived from the integration of the source and purpose, that is, does not fit in the closed dvuhstrukturnoy model.

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